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Made in New Zealand from a renewable plant-based material, our bottle comes filled with water and is designed to be refilled and reused.

78% less carbon emissions in production. 

Bottle & label materials certified compostable​

made in Aotearoa. Filled with 100% pure NZ Spring Water.

Oil-free, non-toxic & reusable. 

200+ refill stations nationwide. 

Better Collection Boxes found in our stockists throughout NZ.

Return locations on our online map. 

Bottles are composted locally in our 6 privately owned commercial compost sites. 


Each compost is associated with a sustainable initiative. 


diverts food waste from landfill. 


Sequesters carbon & rebuilds soil. 

Compost returned to the earth as a basis for regeneration. 

Used to fertilise organic community gardens. 

Creates a valuable resource for communities. 

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